Kerana Aku Tahu Syurga Itu Mahal

27 May

hidupkan nyawa HATI itu di sini

sungguh tersentuh dengan kata-kata si Rumaisa’

Because in these rough n tough times, we need them most..
to their shoulders you must cry,
to them you must pour your miserable hearts,
to them you must put you faith and trust in..
insyaAllah, you’ll find the most cherished moments with them and you’ll find it as an inspiration to be a better person day by day..

and i must highlight this, YOU will REGRET it for your whole life if you’re trying to run away..

Kerana aku tahu harga SYURGA itu terlalu MAHAL

Nota 1 : Takziah kepada ibu Yoyoh Yusrah. Dia benar-benar perempuan pilihan. Anak yg hebat lahir dari ibu yang hebat. So, sila jadi ibu hebat kalau mahu anak yang hebat.

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Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Cerita Hati, Tazkiyatun Nafs


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