nurturing outstanding muslim doctors

25 Apr

bismillah arrahman arrahiim

public speaking competitions won by bro mohd erfan b edros


Assalamualaikum and a very good day. Thank you to the master of ceremony, ladies and gentlemen members of the floor.

Nurturing Outstanding Muslim Doctors.

Whenever each and every one of us comes across this phrase, a bunch of questions will suddenly invade our minds saying WHAT, WHY, HOW and so on.

However today, I believe that the most important question that we need to put an answer to it is actually WHY, WHY we are in need of nurturing outstanding Muslim doctors.
There are 3 major reasons why. Obligation,Competition,Misconception.

 Onto the first reason which is OBLIGATION. We as Moslems are obliged to do our work as best as we can and to be as outstanding as we can. In the Holy Qoran, Allah have said ; “YE are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong”. This verse of Qoran taken from sura ali emran has specifically proven to us that Moslems are readily born to be the best people on earth. So, concerning us as Moslem doctors, it is crystal clear that not only our religion asks us to become just doctors, but more than that, our religion wants us to become outstanding and perhaps the best doctors we can ever be, and that’s what we call Obligation.

 The next reason WHY we need to Nurturing Outstanding Muslim Doctors is because of the COMPETITION. We know that we are entering into the era of globalization and modernization in which only the best competitors will survive. Nowadays, we could see thousands of non-Moslem, I repeat, non-Moslem scholars and intellectuals in medical field growing like mushrooms and they are actually indirectly challenging us Moslems to compete. It is very crystal clear to us when we could hardly see a Moslem doctor or scientist receiving a Nobel prize. So when we create OMD, I am 100% sure that the era or Avicenna, Ar-Razi and other previous outstanding Moslem doctors eons ago will come back and Islam will win this Competition again.

 Lastly, the third reason WHY we have to Nurturing Outstanding Muslim Doctors is because of the MISCONCEPTION. It is a fact that Islamic world has always been treated injustice. We are always being marginalized and labeled by the Westerns as terrorists, conservationists and all other negative impressions unfortunately fall to us even thought we are not like what they say at all. Yes, it is true if some of us say that we don’t need to prove to them that we are not terrorists and we are not conservationists because we are not. It’s simply like in our daily life. We don’t need to do anything to prove to the public that we are not mental because we are not mental at the first place. But please bear in mind that the people on earth nowadays see everything as a whole. They are becoming more judgmental. So, need or not, we need to do something. Therefore, by Nurturing Outstanding Muslim Doctors, I am totally confident that we can change the world Misconception on Muslims.

Thank you.


The idea Nurturing Outstanding Muslim Doctors means an approach by which we want to build impeccable Moslem doctors on the platform of nearly perfection in any spectrum, be it from the aspect of faith, behavior, skills, intelligence, professionalism, attitude or even aptitude.

But there’s a catch. To make it happen, frankly speaking, it is not easy, yet it is not impossible. Why I am saying that it is not easy? Because it requires total cooperation from both parties; the one who nurtures and the one who is being nurtured. In your opinion, which party has made this idea difficult? Of coz the second party; which is the one who is being nurtured. This party has a variable nature with variable result since it depends on the personal issues such as Determination, Interest, Confidence and Willingness.

For instance, you at home have done so many things to teach your children on how to behave once they are at school. Whatever you did at home, one thing which determines the behavior of your children at school is they themselves. They have the choice to behave or not to behave. The final result depends on them.

Same goes with our issue today, we can play our part in doing a bunch of programs and a dozen of talks and an endless cascade of seminars, but still, at the end of the day, the candidates of those programs themselves have to choose whether they want to benefit from the programs or not, whether they want to follow what they have heard during the talks or not, and so on. They have the power to choose to become or not to become outstanding Moslem doctors, which have made the idea of Nurturing Outstanding Muslim Doctors is a bit difficult, yet again, not impossible.

Now, why am I saying that it is not impossible? It is simply because I believe that nothing is impossible in our lives. As long as we believe Allah is there to help us and as long as we work for the betterment of our religion, nothing is impossible. Nurturing Outstanding Muslem Doctors is one of those entities which will definitely help in improving Moslem all around the globe. As Allah the Almighty said “Then, when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)”.Thank you.

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